Pre-Order Hideo Sakata Tribute Catalog - 6  Weeks Est. Delivery

Pre-Order Hideo Sakata Tribute Catalog - 6 Weeks Est. Delivery


Pre-order now for a signed copy of Hideo Sakata's Tribute Catalog...


Hideo Sakata, at 85 years old, has for the last 3 years been working on a new art series of paintings. His passion and drive as an artist are resilient. With his most recent work, he has come to a full metaphysical circle, a natural path for Sakata San. The tribute catalog is a timely and well-deserved representation of his latest artistic series and a lifetime of creativity with his passion for a more perfect world... one of building strong cultural bridges that for generations may survive.


It includes editorial contributions from notable artists and art admirers. They delve into the meaning of Hideo’s art and offer suggestions of concept and the artist's message. Many hours of work have been given to complete this project as a well-deserved tribute to Hideo Sakata.


With the catalog, we will not only be paying tribute to Hideo San, but the publication will go a great distance to represent his most recent work. Work that he has graciously indicated he is donating and offering for purchase, all the proceeds of which, will go to the benefit of LELA International.


Our goal is to print 250 high-quality catalogs for sale and distribution with a production cost of $1,200. Please consider a kind donation in his honor and also to assist LELA International in building bridges and uniting diverse cultures. Donations of any amount are appreciated. Donations of more than $250 will be recognized in the catalog.


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