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Kathryn Pitt

I moved from the UK to Los Angeles in 2010 and have pursued a career in art since exhibiting in shows and galleries in California, and throughout the US.

Artist's Message...

My new series of abstract works came out of reusing canvases that I no longer liked. What I found consequently was that the original artwork on the canvas would become the foundation of the new work: the color, texture and direction of the old paint would dictate how I would begin and it would influence my progression. In all my abstract paintings the original work peeks through creating a layer that gives added mystery and contrast. My aim is for people to get lost in the layers, for their eyes to keep moving around the paintings and to indulge in the colors and the textures. The titles of the paintings are tongue in cheek. Abstract work can often create adverse reactions in the public. I have been guilty of it myself. I have learnt that creating abstract work is not easy. it takes a lot of reflection to make something that ‘works’ and this understanding cannot be summed up in a throw away comment that many a viewer may make.


The artist’s original art pieces are available for purchase. Simply click the "PURCHASE" button and follow the instructions. Please note that reproductions of the art will continue to be offered for purchase for the duration of the LELA's art show through July 31st, 2022. 


Click image to view purchase options. 

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