Past events of LELA 

Since 1996 LELA International has annual artist workshops and exhibitions. Each workshop location is carefully selected from around the world, from Korea to Armenia; From Los Angeles to Japan. All participants are reviewed, interviewed and selected by LELA as artists with worthy and creative abilities that speak to our diverse cultures and feature profound expressive skills.  Each event typically has 15 to 20 artists and lasts for about a week. The workshops of artists create artistic pieces with the mentoring of senior artist and curators. At the conclusion of the workshop an Artist Exhibition is conduct for 2 to 3 days to display the art, most of which is the result of the workshop. 

​The largest such event occurred in Los Angeles, October 2002 with representatives from 26 countries and 126 artists participating. 



1996 -  May 

            Pyong Taek City Museum / Pyong Taek city / Republic of Korea
            Participants: Republic of Korea 15, Japan 12, U.S.A. 12,
            India 6, China 1 , Total 46 artists


1996 -  November
            Lalit Kala Akademi Ramindra Bhavan / New Delhi / India
            Participants: Republic of Korea 26, U.S.A. 15, Japan 14,
            India 10, China 1, Total 66 artists


1997 -  May
            Pyong Taek City Museum / Pyong Taek city / Republic of Korea
            Participants: U.S.A. 19, Japan 17, Republic of Korea 16,
            China 2, Total 54 artists


1997 -  December
            Artcore Brewery Annex, Art Bank, and Transamerica / Los Angeles / U.S.A.
            Participants: U.S.A. 28, Japan 15, Republic of Korea 14,
            China 6 , Thailand 4, Hong Kong 3, Taiwan 3, India 2,
            Spain 1, Total 75 artists


1998  -  May
            Pyong Taek City Museum / Pyong Taek City / Republic of Korea
            Participants: Republic of Korea 19, U.S.A. 15, Japan 12,
            India 7, Vietnam 3, Taiwan 3, China 2, Thailand 2, Hong
            Kong 1, Peru 1, Spain 1 , Total 75 artists


1998  -  October
            Amyu Tachikawa, Lumine Tachikawa, Space N's and Artroom Shinkigen / Tachikawa city / Tokyo, Japan
            Participants: Japan 20, U.S.A. 11, Republic of Korea 5,
            Thailand 4, Taiwan 3, Hong Kong 1, India 1, Peru 1,
            Australia 1, Canada 1, Germany 1, Palestine 1
            Total 53 artists

1999  -  May
            Pyong Taek City Museum / Pyoug Taek city / Republic of Korea
            Participants: Republic of Korea 15, Japan 12, U.S.A. 11,
            Hong Kong 1, Thailand 1, India 3, Total 43 artists
            Korean Students 21, Total 64 artists

2000  -  May
            Pyong Taek City Museum / Pyong Taek city / Republic of Korea
            Participants: Republic of Korea 22, Japan 11, U.S.A. 10,
            Total 43 artist Korean Students 16, Total 59 artists

2001  -  December
            Pyong Taek City Art Center Museum / Pyong Taek City / Republic of Korea 
            Participants: Republic of Korea 60, Japan 10, U.S.A. 8,
            China 5, Total 83 artists

2002  -  October
            Angels Gate Culture Center Gallery, Japanese American Cultural Center George Doizaki Gallery, and Cal State      

            Univ., Los Angeles Fine Art gallery / Los Angeles / U.S.A.
            Participants: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Republic of
            Korea, Thailand, China (Hong Kong), Australia, France,
            Germany, Netherlands, Italy, India, Nigeria, Peru, Malaysia,
            Philippines, Vietnam, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica,
            Lebanon, New Zealand, Indonesia, Argentine, and Nicaragua
            About 126 artists

2003  -  May

            Pyong Taek, Korea

2004  -  May

            Pyong Taek, Korea

2005  -  December

            Pyong Taek, Korea

2005  -  January

           Bangkok, Thailand

2006  -  September

            Los Angeles, U.S.A.

2007  -  September

            Yerevan, Armenia


2008  -  LELA International Gallery -  Quarterly Shows - Los Angeles, USA


2009  -  LELA International Gallery -  Quarterly Shows - Los Angeles, USA


2011  -  LELA International Gallery -  Quarterly Shows - Los Angeles, USA


2012  -  LELA International Gallery -  Quarterly Shows - Los Angeles, USA


2013  -  LELA International Gallery -  Quarterly Shows - Los Angeles, USA


2014  -  Art Cosmos Exhibition -  Artist's Art Show  - Los Angeles, USA


2015  -  Relocation Celebration of the Artists of LELA - Los Angeles, USA


2016  -  Summer Art Festival Park View Gallery - Los Angeles, USA


2017   -  Nagasaki-Ken Fine Art Museum - Dejima-machi Nagasaki City - Japan

              August 9th thru August 15th - Opening Celebration August 9th


2017   -  Yokohama Civic Gallery - Azamino - Japan

              August 14th thru August 20th - Opening Celebration August 15th


2017   -  Artist Union Gallery in Yerevan Capitol City of the Republic of Armenia

              October 9th thru October 15th - Opening Celebration October 9tht

2020  -  Nagasaki Prefecture Fine Arts Museum - Nagasaki City Japan  

             August  43rd Annual Peace Show.






August 2013 University of Tokyo Student Conference in Los Angeles

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The exhibit “Legacy of two Japanese American Artists” brings forth a long overdue acknowledgement of two pioneer Japanese American artists. Both artists are drawn to the art world as an extension of their way of being in this world. Their legacy is an accumulation of experience, endurance and spirit.

By Jimmy Centeno


Seichi Kiyohara

Shigeru Kasama

December 2013 Event  -  "A Legacy of two Japanese American Artists"


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Mission Hills, CA 91345

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OUR MISSION: LELA is committed to the belief that it is "Art” as a universal and international medium that empowers mankind with a voice. LELA’s mission is to build bridges between our diverse cultures using the voice of expression and the sharing of art and art education.