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Hideo Sakata as explained by Fonje de Vre...

Hideo Sakata -- or Sakata-san, as all of us, Japanese or not, prefer to call him is an artist of beautiful vision and possessed a insightful philosophical interpretation on life as reflected and demonstrated in his powerful artistic skill.

​In 1991 Mr. Sakata, collaborated and founded LELA, (Lantern of the East, - Los Angeles), located in Los Angeles, CA. To this day, LELA’s mission is to emphasize the points of unity between the East and West; drawing on the strengths of both traditions and cultures; it continues to have a global impact for its productive work dedicated to the arts and art education. 


​Since then, I have had the privilege of working with Hideo Sakata on a number of other international projects -- most of which have generously benefited the global artist community. I have witnessed his abundance of selfless energy and his undying willingness to sacrifice on behalf of his fellow artists. Hideo's LELA organization has been successful on many cultural levels and become a powerful  connection, a conduit, between artists all over the globe.

​For me, Hideo Sakata-san has my full respect and admiration as a brilliant and noble artist.​

Artist's Message...

I like a town that appears white from a distance, and I also like to see a window in the distance. They are both something beautiful to me. They remind me that behind every window in every town, there is life, family, and a worldly existence. I suppose that these things look beautiful as an entirety, too. Indeed, a human appears uniquely beautiful observed from high above, where small virtues and little sins are invisible.


The artist’s original art pieces are available for purchase. Simply click the "PURCHASE" button and follow the instructions. Please note that reproductions of the art will continue to be offered for purchase for the duration of the LELA's art show through July 31st, 2022. 


Click image to view purchase options. 

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