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Nancy Uyemura

Nancy Uyemura, artist, writer, consultant, living and working in downtown Los Angeles was born and raised here. She is a lot like her artistic work, changing and transitioning, about the energy of the moment. A third generation Japanese American woman who lived in most of the Japanese American enclaves by choice or destiny, (only your point of view can tell which). Receiving a BA in Art/design from UCLA in ’69, then a MS in Education from USC in ’72, she then studied briefly in Japan then back to L.A. to study painting at Otis Art Institute with Kanemitsu. Showing work over the years in both America and Asia, she has a broad range of both work and life experience. Working in educational fields, corporate arenas and community sectors, all to keep her passion of making art alive. Uyemura works in many different mediums and more recently she has done several public art commissions both here and in Japan. She still is active in community art projects in Little Tokyo and other parts of the greater L.A. community. Her work has been about energy and transition and has evolved into a kind of healing process. Combining her work in Feng Shui and energy clearing with her art, it adds another dimension to her artistic process.

Artist's Message...

I chose to do a mixed media piece using photos that I took that day and some words that to me express the emotions and hope that we all share. We are all part of a whole and together we can make wonderful things happen. We are each on our own special journeys - the one we call “LIFE” and we will navigate it together.


The artist’s original art piece is available for purchase. Simply click the "PURCHASE" button and follow the instructions. Please note that reproductions of the art will continue to be offered for purchase for the duration of the LELA's art show through July 31st, 2022. 


Click image to view purchase options. 

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