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Craig Cooley

Craig Cooley

Craig is a native Californian, born into the baby boomers era in the 1950s, in a small community in Northern California, Yreka. Craig's first appreciation of the "arts" was as a child learning to play the piano and later in High School while working at a local music store he discovered the diversity of music, artists, and those who appreciate them both. From music he migrated to images and for 15 years with his Kodak Pentax he documented his travels across the United States. More recently he completed some commercial art for public spaces in Hawaii and Phoenix Arizona. Perhaps he can be best represented in his own words:

"The pleasures we derive from the arts is an intrinsic quality of the human spirit. Too often we lose track of this profound gift... and too often artistic expression from the heart and sprit go unshared. My goal, is to seek out the artistic talents that bring profound expression and emotional responses to the participant. Simply put, art is for everyone, and artistic expression is to be shared. This sharing is what binds the multitudes of soles with a common spirit, a powerful understanding, a shared love of diversity, the "Arts".


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