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A very important message from LELA's President - Hideo Sakata

LELA, the love of my life, my legacy, is a Non Profit 501-C3, organization with more than 30 years of operation and cultural contributions to the greater Los Angeles area and indeed on an international level. Due to recent agressive downtown Los Angeles development our lease was recently terminated to make room for further development / renovation and new construction. So sadly, we are without a gallery, classroom, or studio / offices and we need your help.  


Looking ahead, we are seeking a more visible location with additional classroom space and an expanded gallery to showcase, sell, and promote all our LELA members and their art. We realize this effort will require a lot of hard work and funding. We have developed a minimum budget goal of $8,500 for this project to get us into a new location. We feel that once we secure this new location we will be able to sustain LELA with income from the Terakoya School, art shows and commissionis, and membership dues. Donations of any amount are sincerely appreciated. Please take a few minutes and make a tax deductible donation today.







With your donation of $50 or more, you will receive an Artist's Mug!

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